When it comes to perfect milling operations, Ingersoll is the reliable partner all over the world with regard to machining rails.

The complex special-purpose cutting tools for machining rails have to meet special requirements. With the specific tangential arrangement of inserts, Ingersoll offers fundamental advantages.

Another advantage is our large range of special-purpose as well as standard milling cutters with suitable geometries and cutting materials for the most varied profiles and materials.

The Right Tool For Each Profile

Tangential tool design for the most various machining operations and profiles.

With the combination of state-of-the-art cutting edge geometries and cutting materials of the latest generation we guarantee process-secure machining as well as the economic production of almost all occurring rail profiles.

Economic Machining at Highest Quality
  • The application-oriented tool design ensures maximum tool lives and minimum downtimes.

  • New, positive cutting edge geometries reduce the cutting forces and produce an optimum surface finish.

Take Advantage of Our Competencies

Wherever you challenge us – whether with the consultation, finding solutions and assistance for applications or the service on site – use our know-how and decades of experience in the area of rail machining.

A strong team of experienced and competent staff members looks forward to the cooperation with you in every phase of the project. Whether it is reprofiling the rails or various boring operations – it is our goal to develop the optimum solution together with you.

Turning Without Limits

With Ingersoll turning tools you can rely on highest competence also for machining wheel sets. Especially these days it is important to focus on innovative technology to achieve an increase in productivity.

There are enormous requirements on the wheel sets, be it the required circularity or the high surface finish. In order to be able to offer the highest possible comfort to the customer, a smooth running is absolutely necessary.

Ingersoll offers you the turning tools to fulfill these criteria, whether in the standard area or for tailor-made solutions. We help you to optimize operation processes and to increase the productivity to remain competitive.

Wheel Machining