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Precision FinishBall

Ingersoll Cutting Tools will debut its latest precision ball nose line at IMTS 2006.


The FinishBall line is by far the most accurate ball nose in their successful D&Mline of contouring milling cutters.Exceptionally stable, accurate clamping is achieved due to a wide prism clamping surface, maximizing contact between the carbide and the steel. FinishBall offers excellent repeatability and minimal runout when compared to other designs on the market.


FinishBall is an extremely accurate system with radius tolerance of +/- 5 microns (+/- 00019") and is ideal for both semi-finishing and finishing applications.The family is available in several different adaption styles including Ingersoll's modular Top-On and integral straight shanks in both steel and tungsten carbide.


This initial release will be available from .500" to 1.25" diameter.


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New Deep Hole Drills

Ingersoll Cutting Tools has released a new premium line of BTA deep hole drilling products.


The comprehensive line includes indexable, cartridge and brazed styles from 500" to 9.600" diameter as well as BTA reamers for complete deep hole applications of up to 100:1 L:D ratios.Indexable styles are equipped with new generation positive geometry inserts resulting in reduced cutting forces and better chip control. All inserts are available in Ingersoll's time-tested drilling grade, IN2005. Both single and double tubes are available for all indexable and brazed heads.


A hole tolerance of H7 is attainable in a single pass with surface finishes as good as 32 RMS. Hole straightness of .001"/foot can easily be achieved.Ingersoll's BTA line features economical Diameter Plus kits containing cartridges and guide pads which can add up to .200" to your drill diameter.Ingersoll can also provide pressure heads, CNC coolant adapters as well as complete coolant systems to meet customer requirements. Custom engineered BTA-style tools are available on request.


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New Chip-Surfer Tips

Ingersoll has added two new tips to it's popular Chip-Surfer line.


The economical indexable solid carbide tips overcome the skyrocketing price of solid carbide tooling by replacing only the used portion of the tool. The shank can be used over and over again.Chip-Surfer's new Toroidal finishing tip (on the right) features six flutes for increased feed rate. It also has a constant diameter, which overcomes one of the primary challenges of ball nose milling - ball nose feed rates approach zero at the axis of the cutter. A backdraft angle alleviates side pressure thereby reducing the potential for chatter.


The Hi-Feed Chip-Surfer tip (left) features a large, sweeping radius on the nose which directs cutting forces up through the Z-axis. When applying this tip at a .015" - .040" DoC, the chip thinning design gives the tool hi-feed capabilities up to 5x that of a standard ball nose design. A strong corner radius and an OD backdraft angle alleviates radial pressure in the corners.


The precision simultaneous fit adaption allows +/- .0005" repeatability when changing tips.

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Introducing a Perfect "10"

Ingersoll has introduced a new family of economical, high-performance face mills,


The Hi-PosDeka family features 10 cutting edges per insert. Cutters are available in two insert densities and four carbide grades for a wide range of application. The 20 degree lead angle with a high-tech chip forming technology on the strong insert allows chiploads of up to .015" in steel.


The general purpose inserts include a .055" wiper flat for superior one-cut finishes to 63 rms. Special wiper inserts are available for finishes as good as 20 rms. Hi-PosDeka cutters are designed for robust roughing cuts and smooth surface finishes. Through-the-tool coolant is standard.


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New Chip Breaker for Better Performance

General chip breakers can often cause vibration or premature insert chipping when trying to machine at high feed rates or increased depths of cut when machining a long or slender workpiece.


Ingersoll Cutting Tools' new TAEGUline "VF" chip breaker has been developed to avoid such situations when machining under these conditions.


VF chip breakers are designed with a high positive rake and helix angle on the cutting edge. The insert tool life is increased considerably by minimizing the heat generated during the cut. This free-cutting geometry also minimizes vibration when machining slender bars.


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High Speed/Feed Milling in Aluminum

Ingersoll Cutting Tools has released the Aluminator.


These indexable milling cutters were designed for machining aluminum
in both low- and high-speed milling applications. They excel in
both heavy roughing and fine finishing work. Aluminator end mills
and face mills are available in multiple densities, allowing you to
select a cutter design specific to your aluminum machining


Double positive, deep dish molded rake face geometry provides
efficient, free cutting performance enabling cuts along thin walls
of .100" or less without disturbing or distorting the remaining
material. Four cutting edges per insert maximizes insert usage.
Each insert is precision ground on the locating seats and cutting
edge periphery.


The combination of qualified inserts and the
Aluminator's .100" wiping flat provides superior finishes even in
high feed applications.


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