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Hi-Feed Cutters (9, 13 & 19mm Insert Sizes)

Features and Benefits

  • Free cutting single sided insert design with 4 indexes
  • Robust edge geometries promote longer tool life
  • High incline insert screw for stable insert seating
  • 09mm insert provides radial wiper for shouldering applications
  • SDXS0904MPR - MM: Free-machining multi - purpose geometry ideal for machining ductile carbon, alloy and stainless steels
  • SDXS0904MPR - MR: Strong geometry with landed edge for steels, hardened steels and abusive conditions
  • SDXS0904MPR - MRH: Strong geometry is heavily - landed formaximum edge strength in steels and in the most abusive conditions
  • SDXS0904MPR - MR1: Keen cutting edge with reinforced flank geometry developed for Ti and other high - temp materials