June 22, 2017

Check Out Our Extensive Stock of Drills and TBTA Heads

  • More than 50 years of experience producing deep hole drilling products.
  • Head designs for drilling, boring/reaming, and trepanning.
  • Exceptional tolerance, straightness, and hole concentricity.
  • Brazed carbide heads from 0.312"–2.559" (8mm–65mm).
  • Indexable fixed pocket heads use inserts offered in many grade & chipbreaker combinations.
  • Indexable, cartridge-style heads provide protection and diameter flexibility.
  • Deep-Trio product line features single-effective, indexable deep-hole drills with a 3-edged insert for economy and longer insert life.
  • Single and double tube heads
  • Tubes also available with common sizes in stock.

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