Custom Tool Express Delivery Program

Quote and approval drawing in 48 hours or less!
Tools delivered in 3-4 weeks!

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  1. Locate & identify a standard item from the list of qualifying product lines.
  2. Determine the modifications necessary to suit your application.
  3. Contact your Ingersoll sales representative or distributor with the standard part number and modifications needed. If unsure, contact Ingersoll Cutting Tools headquarters: (815) 387-6600 or
  4. Receive approval drawing and quote within 48 hours!
  5. After placing your order, receive special tip/tool within 3 weeks (ChipSurfer Tips) or 4 weeks (Indexable Tools & Grooving Inserts)!

Indexable Tools (4-Week Delivery)

Qualifying product lines are shown below, subject to terms & conditions. Contact your Ingersoll representative for more details.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for indexable tools is 2 pieces.
  • MOQ for ChipSurfer tips is 6 pieces.
  • MOQ for GoldFlex grooving inserts is 10 pieces.
  • MOQ for T-Clamp Ultra+ inserts is 20 pieces.
  • No blanket orders.
  • All requests must be channeled through an Ingersoll sales representative or distributor.
  • Qualifying product lines are subject to additional restrictions that may disqualify them from the program, as determined during the quoting process.
  • A signed approval drawing must accompany the order to maintain delivery commitment.