Series: S*T*NA - Steel Shank, Thrust Cool (Inch)

Product Series Features:

  • Cylindrical Shank with Neck Relief and modular Chip Surfer adaption
  • Plumbed with Thrust Cool system.
  • Thrust Cool Shanks are ideal for use with solid carbide tips that do not have coolant holes
  • Thrust Cool System equipped with brazed Coolant Collar and Coolant Grooves for precise delivery to cutting edges
  • Thread Connections: T06, T08, T10, T12, T15

NOTE: When assembling, be sure carbide tip is seated firmly on shank with no gap.
Tightening Torque: T05=60in/lbs - T06=90in/lbs - T08=130in/lbs - T10=250in/lbs - T12=250in/lbs - T15=350in/lbs
No lubricant on adaption
Wrenches sold seperately