Series: Typhoon TJS*GJET*HSK

Product Series Features:

  • HSK-A (DIN 69893/A)
  • Coolant Driven High Speed Compact Spindle
  • For use with small diameter tools on limited-RPM machines
  • Rotational Speeds of 35-55KRPM
  • Required Coolant Pressure 290-580psi
  • Maximum Tool Shank Diameter .276"/7mm
  • For use in finish & semi-finish applications
  • Balanced G2.5 @ 60,000 rpm
  • Bluetooth display required for operation (Sold Separately)
  • Qualification Form approval needed prior to formal quote and/or purchase. All applications are reviewed upfront to ensure compatibility with the selected model. Demo units are provided at no cost, no obligation prior to purchase.

Application Qualification Form

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