Series: 1TJ1F - 90° & Hi-Feed End Mill

Product Series Features:

  • Ø1.000-1.500" (Cylindrical)
  • 9mm Insert with 4 indexes
  • 90°: .32" DOC, Hi-Feed: .059" DOC
  • Insert corners: .015" .031" .062" R & Hi-Feed
  • 32-63 Ra finishes when using insert with integrated wiper (WEP).
  • 63-125 Ra finishes when using insert with no integrated wiper
  • Relieve cutter body when using -HF insert (see product bulletin).
  • Designed with modification in mind
  • Extend usable length by turning back the neck diameter or shorten the overall length by cutting off back end.


New-338 p26 Operat. Guidelines (90-Degree)

New-338 p27 Operat. Guidelines (Hi-Feed)

New-338-2 pp42-44 Ramp Data