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Heavy Duty, Clean Shearing Performance

Features and Benefits

  • 30° lead family of face mills with unique POWER•SHEAR technology
  • Cutter bodies available in RH & LH rotation
  • Increases of over 300% with POWER•SHEAR insert on the most difficult surfaces
  • Multi-purpose inserts combine edge strength with double positive shearing action for steels, stainless steels and ductile irons
  • Heavy-duty inserts incorporate POWER•SHEAR technology for reliable shearing action in the most demanding applications
  • POWER•SHEAR is ideally suited to descaling the most hardened and abrasive cast steels, forged steels and hot rolled oxide layers
  • Serrated POWER•SHEAR inserts allow for more smooth and efficient operation as set-up conditions require

Product Ranges & Details

4.00" - 14.00" (RH)
8.00" - 14.00" (LH)

Depth of Cut

Insert Grades
IN4040, IN4030, IN4005, IN4015, IN2530, IN2540


Low-High Carbon, Low-High Alloy, HSLA, Tool, Impact-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant

Stainless Steels
PH Series