U-Comax Programmable Head

Features and Benefits

  • U-Comax boring and facing heads are axial command heads designed to be used on transfer machines, machining units, and special machinery. Even during rotation the feed control of the toolholder slide is commanded by a U-Drive drive unit, mounted behind the spindle and managed directly by the NC of the machine tool. U-Comax heads are used for inner facing, outer facing, back-facing, inner and outer turning operations, grooves, phonographic grooves, cylindrical and conical threading, conical and variable boring, concave and convex corner rounding, through interpolation with the other the machine axes


  • The U-Drive drive unit for U-Comax heads is mounted behind the spindle of the machine
  • It is controlled by an axis of the numerical control and mechanically connected to the U-Comax head drive with a transmission shaft that crosses the spindle of the machine
  • The U-Drive drive unit can be configured in various ways depending on the required application and the design of the machine

Coolant Supply and Lubrication

  • Internal grooves that allow coolant to pass through from the machine spindle to two adjustable nozzles located next to the slide are provided inside U-COMAX rotating body
  • This noteworthy advantage ensures longer duration of the insert, quicker cutting speed and the obtainment of good surface finishes
  • The centralized supply of coolant does not harm the U-COMAX whose inner labyrinths are protected by an o-ring. it is advisable not to exceed a pressure of 40 BAR
  • U-Comax heads are designed for automatic lubrication with oil sprayed on the slide guiding rails and lead screw


  • U-COMAX heads are designed with two counter-weights for automatic balancing, which move opposite to the slide making it possible to machine at a higher number of rpm without noticeable oscillations

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