Double-Sided Positive Insert With 6 Cutting Edges!

Product Ranges & Details

1.00" - 6.00"

Depth of Cut

Insert Style
LSE324R045-S (neg/pos)

Insert Grades
IN4030, IN4040


Features and Benefits

  • Six 0 degree cutting edges
  • Positive and efficient helical cutting edge action
  • Dovetail pocket for secure seating
  • Integrated wiper flats for surface finishes as good as 25 Ra
  • Coolant through the tool
  • Thick insert for durable applications

New Flat-Bottom Plunge Roughing Mills

  • Diameter range of 0.75 - 1.50
  • (6) cutting edges via 2-Side technology (3+3)
  • Insert geometries/grades for ferrous AND non-ferrous materials
  • Coolant-thru capability
  • Straight-shank tools that can be modified for reach & neck clearance
  • Backdraft relief angle for minimal radial forces in long-reach applications

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