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High-Temperature Milling

Features and Benefits

  • SFM up to 33 times greater than solid carbide (60-90 SFM Carbide versus 3000 SFM Ceramic)
  • Material Removal Rates 44 times higher
  • Face mills & end mills with coarse- and fine-pitch options
  • Single- and double-sided .500 IC button inserts
  • New IN76N ceramic grade
  • Material applications: Inconel, Rene, and more
  • Super-secure clamping for dimple & flat rake face inserts

Product Ranges & Details

1.25" - 3.00"

Depth of Cut

Insert Style
RNGX12, RNGN12 (.500" IC insert)
RPGX12, RPGN12 (.500" IC insert)

Insert Grade

Power Generation