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Extended Flute Mills With 4 Hi-Positive Cutting Edges

Features and Benefits

  • Diameters from 2.00-4.00 and Length of Cuts from 1.50-4.00
  • The same 4-index insert may be used in all pockets (up to R.06), making for easy insert inventory management
  • Rake Face insert geometry for utmost shear
  • Flat Face geometry for strength and durability
  • Chip Splitter geometry for vibration-resistance and channel-cut-efficiency
  • Insert Corner radii offerings of .031, .060, .125 & .250

Product Ranges & Details

2.00" - 4.00"

Length of Cut
1.50” – 4.00”

Insert Styles
SDMS1305, SDES1305, ZDES135, ZDMS1305

Insert Grades
IN2505, IN2530, IN4005, IN4015, IN4030, IN4035

Stainless Steel
Hi-temp Alloys