This Center Cutting End Mill Does it All!

Product Ranges & Details

1.00”, 1.25”, & 1.50”

Insert Sizes
12mm (AOMT1204)_12S1X-SERIES
18mm (AOMT1805)_12S1E-SERIES

Available Corner Radii
12mm: .015”R, .031”R, .062”R
18mm: .015”R, .031”R, .062”R, .093”, .118”(3mm), &.125”R

Aluminum, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Based Alloys, Titanium and Other High-Temp Alloys

Features and Benefits

  • Upgraded performance with AOMT1805 and AOMT1204 series inserts
  • Cutter diameters from 1.00” thru 1.50” with through the tool coolant
  • Drill, ramp and pocket in one tool
  • Ramping up to 30º angles (without peck or dwell).
  • Large variety of corner radii

Videos and PDFs