Series 47D...RQ (5 Flute) Solid Carbide Endmills with Variable Pitch and Different Helix Angles

Product Ranges & Details

.250" - .750"

Cutting Edge Length
0.630" - 1.870"

Overall Length
2.50" – 5.00"

Number of Flutes

0.010" - 0.040"

Helix Angle
36º and 38º


Features and Benefits

  • Excellent chatter dampening due to their combination variable pitch and variable helix
  • With radius and relieved neck up to 1XD
  • Excellent solution for low power machines with CAT40 and BT40 adaptations, improving their material removal rates and minimizing vibration
  • Suitable for all type of steel and high temperature alloys
  • Combination different helix (35º and 37º) and variable pitch

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