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Single-Ended Rigid Inserts and Holders for Parting and Deep Grooving with Unique Adapters!

2021 Promo.
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Features and Benefits

  • Rigid clamping of the specialized 3-point contact area for excellent accuracy, repeatability and durability
  • Insert’s increased height enhances strength and prolongs tool life
  • User-friendly insert clamping system
  • High rigidity triangular blades and dedicated holders • Improved productivity due to hi-feed machining capability • Stable tool life and impressive cutting performance
  • Blades for T-Clamp Ultra+ inserts are also available
  • System is capable of parting off up to 4.72" (120 mm) work piece diameter
  • Available with CoolBurst internal coolant supply for longer tool life and improved chip evacuation

Product Ranges & Details

Insert Widths:
.063" (1.6 mm)
.079" (2.0 mm)
.118" (3.0 mm)

Chip Breakers:
SFC-Frontal land geometry suitable for higher feed rates
SFJ-Sharp cutting edge for gummy materials

Cutting Diameter Maximim:
Triangle Blades: Up to 4.72" (120 mm)
Blades: Up to 3.94" (100 mm)
Square Shanks: Up to 2.36" (60 mm)

TT9080 – PVD coated for general purpose in variety of materials
TT8020 – PVD coated with very tough substrate for difficult applications

32 mm blades
.750" and 1.00" square shank
New triangular-shaped blades