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True 90° Shoulder Mills with 8-Edge Economy

2021 Promo.
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Features and Benefits

  • High axial rake reduces cutting loads and promotes smooth machining
  • 07 Insert generates true 90° and is optimized to step down axially with minimal mismatch
  • 12 Insert generates true 90° up to .33 depth of cut
  • Unequally spaced insert placement aids to diffuse vibration
  • Integrated wiper flats produce 32-63 Ra surface finishes

Product Ranges & Details

Cutter Series (Depth of Cut):
1DJ1E / DJ5E / DJ6E (.19")
DJ5G / DJ6G (.33")

Insert Series:

Diameter Range:

Lead Angles:

Corner Radius:

Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, High-Temp Alloys, Titanium & Hard Steel

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