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Face Grooving, External Grooving and External Threading System with Innovative 2-Edge Insert

Features and Benefits

  • Robust clamping includes anti-rotation triangular grooves on the bottom side of the insert along with a string scerw clamping design to eliminate movement in the pocket
  • Thick insert design increases stiffness to protect against unpredictable breakage
  • In the event of an edge failure, the insert can be rotated 180° without impacting seating stability
  • Holder is designed without a need for an upper and lower clamping jaw
  •     Excellent chip evacuation w/o
        interference of an upper jaw
  •     Holder breakage is eliminated due
        to absence of a lower jaw
  •     One holder used for
        multiple insert widths
  • Wide variety of applications including face grooving and turning, external grooving and turning and external threading
  • Insert widths 3 mm & 4 mm (.188" & .157") and 60° partial profile threading
  • 1.00" parallel and perpendicular style holders, left and right-hand
  • Optional CoolBurst internal coolant supply for improved chip evacuation

Product Ranges & Details

Number of Cutting Edges:

Insert Widths:
.118" (3 mm)
.157" (4 mm)
60° Partial Profile Threading

Cutting Depths:
Grooving: Up to .236" (6 mm)
Turning: .016~.095" (.4~2.4 mm)

Feed Rates:
Grooving: .003~.010" ipr (.07~.25 mm/rev)
Turning: .006~.010" ipr (.15~.24 mm/rev)

TT9080 - PVD coated for general purpose in a variety of materials

1.00" parallel and perpendicular style
25 mm holders available from oveseas stock
With or without CoolBurst internal coolant supply