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Mini-Sized 90° Shoulder Mill & Hi-Feed with Strong V-Shaped Insert

2021 Promo.
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Features and Benefits

  • FNKT-M is for 90°roughing, FNKT-L is for 90° finishing with lower cutting forces & UNKT-HF is for Hi-Feed Roughing
  • 90° and Hi-Feed inserts fit the same pockets
  • Integrated wiper flats produce 32-63 Ra surface finishes
  • V-Bottom pocket fosters easy insert indexing, increased core diameter and minimizes insert screw stress
  • High cutter densities with small IC insert sizes
  • All cutters are plumbed with coolant through the tool
  • Economical solid carbide alternative!

Product Ranges & Details

Cutter Series:
12J1A (90°=.19" / Hi-Feed =.02")

Insert Series:
90°: FNHT05, FNKT05
Hi-Feed: UNKT05

Diameter Range:

Cylindrical, Weldon, Top-On & Chip Surfer

Corner Radii:
.008"R & Hi-Feed

Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, High-Temp Alloys, Titanium & Hard Steel

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