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A New Double-Sided Mini-Size Insert and Holder Line, an Economical Alternative to Standard Positive Turning and Boring Inserts

2021 Promo.
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Features and Benefits

  • Double-sided miniature inserts (7 mm IC)
  • Optimized turning for low depths of cut (up to 2 mm)
  • Inserts feature the same cutting edge angle as standard positive inserts (zero degrees)
  • Low cutting forces promotes very good surface finish
  • Excellent chip control at lower depths of cut
  • Stable screw clamping
  • Suitable for general purpose machining of small parts, especially on Swiss type automatic lathes

Product Ranges & Details

CNMX 2.221 (070304)
DNGX 2.220.5 (080302)
DNMX 2.221 (080304)
WNMX 2.221 (040304)

PV3010 – Coated Cermet TT8115B, TT8125B – CVD Coated for Steel
TT5080 – PVD Coated for SS and High Temp Alloys
TT9020 – PVD Coated for General Purpose

External Holders:
Swiss Automatics – .500", .625", 12 mm, 16 mm
Conventional lathes - .625", .750"

Boring Bars:
Conventional lathes - .500", .625"

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