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New 4-Edge Inserts and Holders for All-Directional Turning Including High Feed Backward Turning

2021 Promo.
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Features and Benefits

  • Multi-directional turning capabilities that include forward longitudinal turning, high-feed backward turning, face turning, profiling and undercutting all with the same tool
  • Double-sided ZNMV inserts provide 4 cutting edges
  • Insert/holder system uses the same axial and radial rake angle as comparable positive inserts, resulting in low cutting forces
  • Serrated cutting edge provides excellent chip control at a variety of cutting depths
  • Much higher productivity due to reduced downtime, fewer tool changes and optimized tool paths
  • 1.00" and 1.25" holders feature rigid T-Type clamping and optional CoolBurst internal coolant supply

Product Ranges & Details

Number of Cutting Edges:

ZNMV-BM: 80° insert
ZNMV-BS: 80° insert
ZNMV Y-BF: 35° included angle

Feed Rates:
Forward Turning: .008~.024"
Backward Turning: .008~.040"

Cutting Depths:
Forward Turning: .010~.080"
Backward Turning: .010~.100"

TT8105, TT8115, TT8125 CVD-coated for steel
TT3010, TT3020 PVD coated for stainless steel, high temp alloys

1.00" & 1.25"
Left, Right & Neutral
With or without thru coolant