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Solid Carbide Guide Pads - NEW Names, Grades & Features

Features and Benefits

  • New double chamfer guide pads provide more than 2x tool life through smoother entry/exit into bushings or existing holes
  • Double chamfer pads are available in grades IN2005 and IN2030, making them an ideal choice for virtually all applications
  • New super tough grade IN2030 offers optimal solution for water-soluble coolant environments
  • IN2030 also improves fracture resistance and provides up to 4 times longer tool life
  • New naming convention simplifies guide pad selection
  • Guide pads are for use across eight of its deep-hole drilling product lines, including Deep Trio and BTA Heads
  • Guide pad grade names are now consistent with Ingersoll’s other hole-making grades

Product Ranges & Details

Product Range
Deep Trio
Indexable Cartridge Heads

CD: Brazed Carbide Pad - Being phased out
IN2040: Solid Carbide - High Wear Resistance
IN2005: Solid Carbide - Combo of Wear & Toughness
IN2030: Solid Carbide - Higher Toughness