Extreme Feed Rate Turning with Double-Sided Technology

Product Ranges & Details

Feed rates from .020 to .118 ipr
Depth of cuts from .020 to .100”
6 cutting edges

Insert Styles
BNMX style, negative inserts
Inserts feature a .590” radius for maximum feed and strength
Right and left-handed available

TT8115 - Wear resistant steel grade
TT8125 - General purpose steel grade

1” and 1 ¼” external
Right and left-handed

Features and Benefits


  • Utilizes double-sided technology with 6 cutting edges!
  • Reduces cycle time, increases productivity
  • Double-sided insert offers economical advantages when compared to competitors inserts


  • Optimized chipbreaker geometry designed for high feed machining, up to .118 inches per revolution (3mm/rev)
  • Reduced cutting forces and surprisingly smooth cutting action due to a positive, but strong, cutting edge
  • Chip thinning principle reduces depth of cut notching, prolonging tool life
  • Maximum feed rate =.118ipr , Maximum machining depth = .100"

Stability & Design

  • Increased clamping stability from unique & patented, 3-dimensional seat design that works in conjunction with rest pads on insert
  • Unique clamping solution developed by Ingersoll is free from chip interruptions
  • Increased Stability
  • Chip Management

Clamping Features

  • Quick change lever lock system with rigid clamping force
  • Increased clamping force due to hooked lever design

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