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TT81SERIES Turning Grades for Steel

Features and Benefits

  • This is an upgrade to existing TT81SERIES turning grades for high-speed and high-feed applications in steel
  • Latest CVD coating features brand new surface treatment and coating combination for superior anti-chipping
  • Ensures excellent wear resistance due to the stable alumina coating layer
  • More consistent performance and up to 80% longer tool life!
  • Minimized chemical reaction between the coating surface and the workpiece during machining
  • Guarantees stable machining performance under heavy interrupted machining conditions
  • Two-tone insert color promotes easy detection of worn edges


  • Maximum wear and crater resistance
  • First choice for high speed, continuous cutting


  • For high speed continuous, to mild interrupted cutting on steels
  • Excellent wear resistance and heat resistance


  • For general use on steels, including interrupted cuts
  • Very good combination of wear resistance and toughness


  • Tough carbide substrate ideal for heavy turning or severe interruptions
  • For a wide range of medium to roughing applications at lower speeds