Trade Logo  EDP: 2926046  Part: 1DP1P-15020S5R01  Series: 1DP1P - Hi-Feed End Mill


Available : 3

Product Series Features:

  • Ø1.500"
  • Cylindrical Shank
  • 10 mm Insert with 10 indexes
  • .11" Depth of cut
  • Same insert fits Hi-Feed & 65° MIlls
  • Positive rake and reinforced edge offer low cutting forces and smooth machining in deep cavities
  • High ramping capability
  • Great price-per-edge economy!
  • Program like an end mill with .21" Corner Radius.
  • Designed with modification in mind. Extend usable length by turning back the neck diameter or shorten the overall length by cutting off back end.


Operating Guidelines

New-315-3 pp14 Ramp Data