4 Cutting Edges with Chip Former for Grooving, Parting, Turning, and Threading

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Cutting Edges for better economy
  • Universal Gold Rush grade TT9080 features the latest multi-nano-layer coating technology for improved surface quality and tool life

Insert Pocket Features:

  • Three contact points away from cutting edge
  • Accurate positioning of insert when indexing
  • Even if edges are broken, the remaining edge can be used
  • Pocket protects unused edges from chips during the machining process
  • Insert indexing from both sides of the holder

Insert screw tightens in same direction as cutting forces:

  • L-hand holder : R-hand screw
  • R-hand holder : L-hand screw

Three geometry options:

  • TQJ - Positive cutting edge, lighter feed rates, excellent for small diameter parts
  • TQC - General purpose, heavier feed rates
  • TQS - Flat top

Threading inserts:

  • Partial profile (55 and 60 degrees)
  • Full profile (ISO and UN thread forms)

Videos and PDFs