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Turning Grades and Chip Breakers for Swiss-Type and Finish Bore Applications

Features and Benefits

  • New grades TT4410 & TT4430 provide unmatched performance in small parts machining.
  • Three new chip breakers dramatically expand our comprehensive program of precision inserts and provide options to control chips in virtually any application.
  • G tolerance inserts are 3x more accurate than traditional pressed inserts.
  • Available in 4 different insert styles (CCGT, DCGT, VBGT, VCGT).
  • Chip breaking at cutting depths less than .010” for ultimate precision and excellent surface finish.
  • Neutral designed inserts offer a single solution for either right or left-handed tools.
  • Ideal for precision boring applications.

Product Ranges & Details

Insert Styles
CCGT 21.5/32.5
DCGT 21.5/32.5

Corner Radii
.004", .008", .016"

Chip Breakers
SL – Low DOC & Feed
SM – First Choice
SH – Large DOC and stronger edge

TT4410 - PVD-AlTiCrN P05-P25; M05-M25; S05-S25 Maximum wear resistance
TT4430 PVD-AlTiCrN P20-P40; M20-M40; S20-S40 General purpose, first choice