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Miniature Size Inserts and Holders for Shallow Internal Grooving

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for small diameter internal grooves with minimum bore diameter down to .315" (8 mm)
  • Robust, 3-point contact design with screw clamping prevents vibration and generates an excellent surface finish
  • Neutral holder design allows inserts to be mounted in 4 different ways, eliminating the need for handed tools and allowing either CW or CCW spindle rotation
  • Internal coolant supply for longer tool life
  • Steel and carbide shank options
  • Economical alternative to solid carbide grooving tools
  • Inserts feature new PVD-coated grade TT4430 and a sharp cutting edge

Product Ranges & Details

Insert Widths:
TMIS8-0.50-0.00 – 0.5 mm (.0197")
TMIS8-1.00-0.00 – 1.0 mm (.0394")
TMIS8-1.50-0.05 – 1.5 mm (.0591")
TMIS8-2.00-0.10 – 2.0 mm (.0787")

Max Cutting Depth:
Up to .059"

- PVD-AlTiCrN coated
- Ideal for small parts machining
- Steel, stainless steel, titanium

ID Grooving Bars:
.500" Diameter Carbide and Steel 2xD, 3xD & 4xD