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Recently Improved for Better Performance, Reliability, and Body Tool Life

Features and Benefits

  • An ‘H’ class, peripheral ground insert mounted in the outboard station provides 50% tighter hole variation, providing IT10 accuracy (.0028" total tolerance)
  • Superior surface finish (possible Ra 1.2 or less)
  • Improved straightness (.001" / ft possible)
  • Higher speed and feed capability
  • Wider chip mouth for maximum chip evacuation
  • Improved conical shape to improve chip flow
  • Additional oil clearance allows smoother delivery of coolant to the cutting edges
  • Ensures sufficient cooling of the guide pads
  • Increases overall tool life of the head

Product Ranges & Details

Drilling Range
984"-3.268" (25mm – 83mm)

Thread Types
STS Outer four start thread
STS Inner single start thread
DTS Outer four start thread

Insert Grades
IN6542, IN2005, IN1510, IN2510, IN2004

G Chipbreaker (For general use)
B Chipbreaker (for High-Temp/Stainless)

Guide Pads*
(CD): Brazed Carbide
IN2040 (CD-SA): Solid Carbide – High Wear Resistance
IN2005 (CD-SB): Solid Carbide – High Toughness
IN2030 (CD-SC): Solid Carbide – Higher Toughness
*Guide Pads and Inserts must be purchased separately