Trade Logo  EDP: 3062688  Part: 1TJ1F040043X8R00  Series: 1TJ1F - 90° & Hi-Feed End Mill

Available : 0
International: 6

Product Series Features:

  • Ø20-40 mm
  • TopOn Connection
  • 9 mm Insert with 4 indexes
  • 90°: 8mm DOC, Hi-Feed: 1.5 mm DOC
  • Insert corners: 0.4, 0.8, 1.6 mm R & Hi-Feed
  • 32-63 Ra finishes when using insert with integrated wiper (WEP).
  • 63-125 Ra finishes when using insert with no integrated wiper
  • Relieve cutter body when using -HF insert (see product bulletin).


Operating Guidelines (90-Degree)

Operating Guidelines (Hi-Feed)

Ramp Data
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