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Timesaving Modular Head & Holder System for Swiss Machines

Features and Benefits

  • Modular head type holders for Swiss machines.
  • Easy replacement of modular heads and inserts.
  • Improved productivity due to reduced set-up time.
  • Rigid clamping between shanks and heads, and good repeatability.
  • Reduced inventory due to the ability to mount multiple heads on one shank.
  • A variety of modular heads available for turning, grooving and parting applications.
  • CoolBurst™ system improves chip control and tool life (-TB holders).
  • Minimized risk of losing holder's spare parts and inserts.
  • An error proof modular head and shank assembly system.

Product Ranges & Details

Shank Sizes
Inch: .500" and .625"
Metric: 12 mm and 16 mm

Standard Heads (Inserts)
SDJCR (ISO Turn DC_T32.5...)
SVJBR (ISO Turn VB_T22...)
SVJCR (ISO Turn VC_T22...)
SDJNR (RhinoTurnM DN_X2.22...)
SDJNR (RhinoTurn DN__3.53.5...)
SFXCR (MiniTurn/Back Turn BTVC...)
TTER/L (T-Clamp Ultra+ 2 and 3 mm seat size)
TQHR/L (GoldFlex TQ_20...)

Y-Axis Heads (Inserts)
SDJCR (ISO Turn DC_T32.5...)
TQHR (GoldFlex)

With or without CoolBurst (thru coolant)