Modular Milling System for NC, Swiss, and Live Tooling Applications

Features and Benefits

  • High-precision solid carbide engravers in two geometries
  • Interchangeable carbide tips for extreme versatility
  • Change tips in seconds right on the machine
  • Precision ground tolerance for accurate finishing
  • Each new tip repeats like a master insert
  • Tips are more economically replaced when compared to long round tools
  • Short flute length means body core strength
  • Solid ER Shanks add rigidity and streamline tool changes

Thrust-Cool Coolant-Through Shanks for Chip-Surfer Applications

  • Precision Chip Surfer shanks with coolant directed parallel to the shaft for optimal chip evacuation
  • Thrust Cool” design promotes effective cooling of the carbide cutting edges
  • Tips repeat on and off the shank within ±.0005” within seconds
  • Durable and Economical – Shank and Coolant collar made of steel
  • T06, T08, and T10 adaption offering

Videos and PDFs